Anxiety & Trauma Lab
At The University of La Verne

Lab Projects 

Functional Impairment Post Sexual Assult (FIPSA) Scale

Multiple Excitors During Exposure Therapy

Perceived Discrimination Experimental Task Development

We are currently developing a scale that will be used to measure the functional impairment that women experience after a sexual assult.

Current data collection is complete, but we expect to conduct more studies on this topic in the future.
We have conducted multiple studies relating how to optimize the effectiveness of exposure therapy, with a particular focus on utilizing the behavioral model of fear learning to augment current procedures.

Data collection is ongoing.

As part of a larger study, we are developing a laboratory task that will measure how people perceive discrimination between others.  We have completed focus group testing and are currently developing the task itself for pilot testing.  

We expect to begin the next phase of data collection in the Spring of 2019.

Functional Impairment Post Sexual Assult- Male (FIPSA-M) Scale

Media and Alcohol Treatment 

Sexual Dysfunction Study

This study Explore's the impact of popular media depictions of substance abuse treatment on perceptions of treatment.

Data collection should be completed in Spring 2019
We are developing a scale that will be used to measure the functional impairment that men experience after sexual assult.  

Data collection is currently in progress.
This study aims to explore the prevalenve and validity of sexual function disorders listed in the DSM. The current study is focused on disorders associated with women (e.g., Female Orgasmic Disorder), and looks to explore whether these diagnoses have validity as abnormal experiences, or whether they pathologize typical experience.

We expect to begin data collection in the Spring of 2019.

Lab Member Dissertations 

Marquis' Dissertation

Niki's Dissertation

Niki's dissertation focuses on the impact of intimate partner support on levels of relationship and life satisfaction. The importance of relationship and life satisfaction have been demonstrated throughout past literature and she aims to identify potential correlates of intimate partner support in an effort to help partners lift levels of satisfaction to lead to positive outcomes. 
​Marquis' dissertation examines the relationship between negative life events/experiences of trauma, personality characteristics, and postraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She is also examining the role of age of trauma onset and emotional intelligence (EI) in moderating the development of these constructs to better understand the underlying mechanisms of these outcomes. 




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